Friday, January 15, 2010

DAY FIVE--The Intimacy Kit

I seem to always be explaining myself to people. Is this normal?

I was just in Las Vegas for my company’s Leadership Experience. We stayed at the Red Rock Resort and Casino which is opulent in shades of red and Swarvoski crystals dripping from the ceiling and along the walls. This is a very exciting time for our company because we’re actually bringing two companies together for the first time AND it’s my first event with our CEO/President Bill Shaw. I was very anxious to make a good impression!

Being considered a VIP, I was ushered into this special side room to check in. No waiting in line for me! Comfy couches and plush chairs all over this room. I was checked in by some cute young girl-woman; told where the gym was and the hours of operation and that my resort fee was covered by my company. She handed me a bottle of water and pointed to the elevators.

My work partner, Marge, came down to meet me as we were going to lunch before all the festivities began…so up to my room we went.

The room really was gorgeous—reds and browns everywhere, soft lighting, a bathroom almost as big as my bedroom at home with a tub the size of a hot tub. As we walk in, I look around.

Marge is behind me helping me carry my three pieces of luggage (What?), I turn and see on my side shelf a bottle of Patron, some designer vodka and two rows each of five little white boxes. The display is so fun! They look like gifts.

Marge goes into the restroom.

One of the boxes has red lips stamped on the box--it looks like someone applied fresh red lipstick and kissed the box a couple of times. SO feminine!! Of course I pick it up to see what this box is and what’s inside…


“PUT THAT DOWN!! You only have 45 seconds before they charge you for that!” screams Marge.

Can ya just imagine the juggling act that begins because Marge has scared the %^&$ out of me? It flies here there and everywhere… And, you guessed it…I didn’t make the 45 second time frame.

Oh, great, great, great! My first event with Bill Shaw and I get to explain the Intimacy Kit. Oh... I'm gonna to impress him, alright. Jeez.

Why couldn’t I have just grabbed the nuts?

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