Monday, January 11, 2010

Day One--Droppin' the Baggage...

Well, today is DAY ONE of my 2010 resolution to "drop the baggage that keeps me stuck." What do I define as baggage? Anything that doesn't honor or support the healthy me I want to be. This might include men, supposed friends, weight, beliefs, fears, insecurities...any and all of that.

So, I started off by going to the gym (I haven't been there in a week +). As usual when starting any exercise program the excitement and commitment is at full tilt. I even downloaded some new running music that has songs from Lady Gaga who sings the most inpsiring songs. Here are some lines you may recognize...."don't think too much, just take that stick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick," and "cuz we kick 'em to the curb unless they lick like Mick Jagger." Yep.

The gym is pretty empty considering this is January and it is a Monday. I know you've probably heard that most heart attacks happen on Monday mornings...well, so do most DAY ONEs. Is there a correlation? Something to consider, for sure.

Anyhooooo...I'm on the treadmill jammin' to Lady Gaga running at a speed of 5.0 really feeling like I can do this. I CAN lose these extra 20 pounds when I notice that my whole body is jiggling...and it's not jiggling in time to the music or my pace. In fact, there's a bit of a foot hits the treadmill and a few seconds later I feel my middle jiggle. (I actually reach down to feel it to see if it's just my internal organs jiggling or, if it's actually the skin. Much to my horror, it's all of the above.)

Next, I can feel MY FACE jiggling!! What??? This can't be good. Does running actually cause more wrinkles because it breaks down your skin? My skin specialist told me all about sleeping on silk pillow cases and not and your stomach or your side to avoid wrinkles but no one told me that exercise could break down your healthy skin tissues. I'm gonna do more research and may have to re-think this.

As I finish, a man steps on the treadmill next to me. I haven't seen him in awhile and I ask how he's doing. He replies very honestly (don't you just LOVE honest men?) that he had a very difficult 2009--relationship-wise--but he's working on moving forward. We talked a little about what he learned in 2009 and how he'd move forward in 2010. As I was leaving he said, "I'm so glad I stepped on this treadmill. You made me feel better." Jiggle or no jiggle, DAY ONE in the gym is a success.

Next thing on my list to throw off the baggage, is to hire a Life Coach. Why, you ask? Well, a Life Coach is designed to hold you accountable to what you say you want. Most of the time, they actually help you discover what it is you DO want first. I had my first call with Shannon Bruce today and already feel like I'm moving forward. My first step in accountability? Actually paying for it. Yikes. I'm investing in myself, right?

What does your DAY ONE look like? What are you going to do differently so that you move out of that "stuck" position?

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